Mugen Sekai

Website built with WooCommerce and Oxygen. This website was also a great opportunity to manipulate ACF and write some PHP. One of my favorite part of this website is the filter system that I linked with the search bar in the header.


Breizh Pizza

Creation of a template site on the theme of pizza in order to test the Vue and Nuxt framework allowing, among other things, fluid transitions between pages and a better overall maintainability of the project.


Hervé Maréchalerie

Website created for a client practicing the profession of farrier. This website is an example of a portfolio allowing a craftsman to have a web visibility for his services.


Les Ateliers Créatifs du Sud

Web site realized for an association playing events on festive themes gathering many different spectacles such as a travelling cabaret, illuminated parades, confections of costumes or still artisanal creations.